Counseling To Build Self-esteem

Counselling to build self-esteem

Individual Counselling

When I was struggling with low self-esteem, part of me was unaware, another part of me was in denial and there was also a part of me that felt embarrassed and ashamed. Does this sound familiar? You have the power to change this and the first step is to reach out. I know the idea of reaching out can provoke some anxiety or fear but you are in safe hands.

Some women question whether or not there is something wrong with them. I’ve had women share that they think they are the problem and so they need fixing. I am here to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you, you are not the problem and you most certainly are not broken. That said, I remember feeling the same and questioning why I did not feel good about myself despite having three degrees (yes you read that right, high-achiever!).

So, what is self-esteem?

What does someone who struggles with low self-esteem look like?

They look like me and you. While there is no profile, someone who struggles with low self-esteem may be a high achiever, they may be very academic or have excelled professionally as they may be extremely hard-working. They may have several thousand followers on social media. In person, they may present confidently with their external appearance, presentation, and behaviour. Internally they may be struggling with imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough, and perhaps unworthy. As a woman of colour, you may also be struggling to balance both your ethnic and cultural background with mainstream Western society.

What are some struggles you may experience if you have low self-esteem?

What are some possible explanations for why you have low self-esteem?

You may have grown up in a family where your parents were keen for you to excel in school and they expected you to get top grades. When this didn’t happen they may have yelled at you or expressed feeling disappointed in you. In certain cultures including the South Asian and particularly Indian communities, education is important, especially among parents who may have immigrated to a Western country. You may have internalised this criticism and in your present day, your inner self-talk is critical when you think you should have done better.

You may have experienced bullying as a student. You may have experienced discrimination due to your gender, age, physical appearance, sexuality, race, religion, or culture. As a result, you may feel like an outsider and that you don’t belong. This may also impact your identity. You may have experienced childhood abuse or trauma. Finally, you may be impacted by an abusive, toxic, unhealthy relationship.

Individual Counselling Service

How can counselling help?

What may be some hesitations which may prevent you from accessing counselling?

How would your life be different if you had more self-esteem?

As your self-esteem increases and you feel good about yourself, you may find yourself being more assertive at work or with friends. You will no longer seek external validation as you will be able to provide internal validation to yourself and your self-acceptance will increase. You may also find yourself saying no to gatherings that don’t interest you and even if a part of you feels guilty, another part will appreciate you putting yourself and your needs first. As you continue to put your needs and wants first the less guilty you will feel. It’s honestly a game changer, you shouldn’t feel bad about focusing on yourself, ever.

Does any of the above resonate with you? Are you a busy, successful professional woman who struggles with low self-esteem? Perhaps you have several academic and professional achievements like me but you still find yourself not feeling good about yourself. If this sounds like you or someone you know, I invite you to get in touch.

I offer individual in-person counselling sessions to both professional women and youth and online counselling sessions. My in-person counselling sessions are based in Burnaby and my online counselling sessions are held on Jane.

Individual counselling session $140 for 50 minutes
Call 604-997-4757 and speak to me to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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