Suicide Rates Amongst Men

Suicide Rates Amongst Men
According to statistics, suicide rates are higher among men compared to women. In Canada, 75% of the estimated 4,000 suicide deaths are men (Mental Health Commission, 2022).
Some men will share their suicidal thoughts with a family member or friend but some do not. There are several reasons why some men do not share their struggles and suicidal thoughts including:
Some men feel anxious and/or nervous at the thought of speaking to a counselor. I often say to my clients that counseling is no walk in the park. It can be scary to meet and talk to a complete stranger about our struggles. Some men also feel:
Some men also experience barriers or challenges when trying to access professional support. These include:
Some men feel anxious
If you know someone or are worried about someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, here are some steps you can take
If you or someone you know is struggling and needs support please reach out.

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