Let's work together

I support busy professional women, especially women of colour, on their counselling journey, by focusing on their needs in counselling sessions.

Let's manage expectations

It can be stressful sometimes trying to manage professional and personal or cultural expectations, as a women of colour.  

Let’s focus on you

As a woman of colour living in the West, you may find yourself navigating your needs while experiencing pressure from your family.

South Asian female counsellor supporting and empowering women in counselling
At Ease Counseling

Connect. Explore. Heal.

Hi, my name is Leena and I’m a South Asian counsellor

I am a registered clinical counsellor (#19438) and I am here to support you. Life can have many busy professional women feeling stuck, stressed, and frustrated at times.

Below are a few examples of how you may be feeling.

Your goal may be feeling less stressed and anxious and increasing self-worth, and self-compassion. I can help you achieve these goals and more in counselling.

Reach out today if you think I would be a good fit for you. 

What I Provide

Counselling Services

Busy professionals may find it tricky to reach out for help, especially counselling. I offer both in-person sessions and online sessions both in the evenings and during the weekend because I appreciate it may not be easy to schedule an appointment. 


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Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Connect. Explore. Heal

Human beings are social beings and we all need connection. Sometimes these connections are lost or disrupted and this can impact our sense of self. Sometimes we need support securing a better connection with both ourselves and with others. Counselling can help facilitate this.

I will explore present-day issues, past issues, and any anxieties related to the future. I will remain curious and kind as I actively listen to your experiences. As your counsellor, I will also explore where some of your present-day issues stem from. For example, some of our core negative beliefs in our present day are rooted in our childhood.

I believe with support and compassion we can heal, feel more in control, and less overwhelmed. As your counsellor, I empower you in sessions to make decisions and to take steps in your present-day which will help you move forward. I will also help identify your strengths, positive qualities, and resilience. You may currently feel stuck or overwhelmed but you have come a long way and counselling will help you continue.

registered clinical counsellor (#19438) Vancouver, BC

Summary Of My Counseling Services

It can be difficult sometimes to slow down and take a moment for yourself when your life is busy and you are managing several expectations. I work alongside you, at your pace and create a safe and supportive space for you to share your struggles. 


Individual or couples counselling can support you with both current and past issues.

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