Support With Anxiety

Support With Anxiety
Many people experience anxiety at some stage in their life. For some, it starts when they are a child and it may continue as a youth, for others it may appear when they are an adult, after a life transition. There are thus many different situations that may result in an individual experiencing anxiety and some examples include:
People who experience anxiety may also be impacted by physical symptoms. For many people, their anxiety manifests in different ways. For instance:
Some people, with increased anxiety, may also experience panic attacks. These can be scary and often people feel like they have little control in these situations. Some people experience the following during a panic attack:
When supporting individuals who experience anxiety and/or panic attacks it can be helpful to identify triggers. It can also help to identify where an individual feels most safe. Other strategies include:
People Who Experience Anxiety
If you or someone you know experiences anxiety here are some questions to consider:
Some individuals will continue to experience some anxiety in their life but when it prevents them from engaging in activities or going to places they enjoy, it may be time to explore new coping strategies.
If you would like to talk about how anxiety is impacting your life, please get in touch.

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